Friday, 28 February 2014

Week 8 - Weigh in

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up"

Ooooh I feel like I have so much to talk about today, limiting carbs, weigh in, what I've been up to... it's all been happening this week.

Like they do to keep the suspense building (even though I know you've ALL just scrolled straight passed this text and to my pictures ha ha), I'm going to leave pictures and stats until the end.

So first of all, the ol carbs. As I said last week, to get rid of that stubborn 'girly' 'hormonal' 'post baby' belly fat/muffin top, Esther advised that I cut out the carbs for a bit (not that I was eating 'bad carbs' anyway, but maybe the sugar from the fruit I was eating wasn't helping shift it). The difference from just 3 days (as I write this) is unbelievable. After the first few days of adapting, which involved being very weak at boxing and struggling to get up on Tuesday oh and craving chip barms (!) today has been great and I am no longer craving anything carby/sweet and feel full of energy (Leanne O'Connell, you told me so). I even had a tiny bit of brown rice on my plate today with my chilli and I didn't bother with it.  So here are the pictures of my tummy. First picture taken on Saturday, second picture taken today (Thursday). As you can see, the muffin top has pretty much gone, and that isn't even in a week.

 I personally don't think the low carb way is sustainable and I'm also not sure how good for you it is with such a high protein diet, so it's not something that I will be doing all the time. However, I think that I may continue with good carbs and have a week cutting down, or maybe one on one off. I've not decided yet or spoke to Esther as we are still in the weeks trial. I have to add as well that Esther isn't just making me do this, she is doing it with me, so with me every step of the way, which is fab because if I'm feeling weak at any moment, I just text her. 

Something funny that happened this week too was that during the tired phase on Tuesday, I really wanted a coffee while I was out and about, so I decided to drive to Costa. I wanted something tastier than an americano so decided to opt for a Chai Latte (not really knowing what it was, but remembering something about them being good for you or having some health benefits(!)). So, I got one, a skinny one mind. Had a taste and it was lovely. Trotted off and got in my car and thought, hmm best check my fitness pal to make sure I'm not messing anything up. I added it......47g of carbs!?!? Well, you can imagine my shock.... then my dilemma... do I continue drinking this lovely new drink I've just discovered (and paid for).... I looked up and saw a bin directly in front of the car.... then I did it, walked to the bin (while drinking it (I agreed to myself I would drink until I took all 3 steps to the bin)) then quick as winky, threw it in the bin!!!!! That, my friends, is commitment to the cause! I then ended up coffee-less and £3 down.

Anyway, if you want to see what I've been eating for the last couple of days, here is the link to myfitnesspal.

And here are the breakdown charts if you can't be bothered going through to mfp.

In terms of workouts, I will zip through these so we can get to the good bits...

Monday - Boxing Bootcamp in Ashton. This was day one of no carbs and boooooy, did I know it. I had no power and not sure how I got through it. Well, actually, I do know, Kate Whitehouse was my partner and kept me going somehow. I was shocked at how I felt, especially as I'd made sure I'd had carbs before the session. I survived though, just. Thanks Kate :)
Tuesday - PT with Esther. We did shoulders and chest. Again, felt weak, despite my porridge pre workout. The chest press was the hardest part and with a weight that wouldn't normally be so hard. I just felt like all my muscles were fatigued.
Wednesday - I had a rest day. There is a reason for this that I will share with you on my next blog (no, I'm  not pregnant).
Thursday - Normally a leg day but Esther mixed things up a bit today and we tried P90X2 (from the makers of Insanity). We did the core workout today and it was an odd workout, because you don't really feel like you are doing anything, but then all of a sudden the pain kicks in and you realise how much you're sweating, oh sorry, I'm a lady, 'glowing' not sweating. 

Now, onto the good bit, the picture gallery (cue Tony Hart's Hartbeat music)

By request, I will do Week 1 v Week 8 but also Week 4 v Week 8 too, so there are quite a few.

The full journey so far

Week 1 vs Week 8

Week 4 v Week 8


Here are the measurements, which were the biggest shock for me. I'm not just saying this now, but I didn't feel like I had lost that much and was genuinely worried about measurements day. I can't say that my clothes have been feeling different, but I'll be honest, I think the main reason for is that I'm permanently in my gym clothes, which is lycra or my mummy uniform which tends to be leggings, leggings, leggings. Oh one item of clothing is definitely loose my bra's pah! Here's why....

So there you go, 8 weeks of hard graft is paying off. I am feeling great and ready for the final 4 weeks. As well as feeling good, another thing that is benefiting from the high protein, is my skin. It's so clear at the moment. I didn't even need foundation this morning, and that is rare for me. 

I am off to Newcastle this weekend (Sunday - Tuesday) and my lovely host, Vicki,  has been fully briefed on what to feed me (or what not to). We have however agreed that I can't go all that way and not have a drink (we will have four kids under 4 between the two of us, wine is a must), so we have agreed Sunday night only. So that can be my cheat day. I've tweaked my workouts too, so not having Friday as a rest day and having Monday instead so it shouldn't affect things too much. I'm also seeing Esther Wednestday/Thursday instead of Tuesday. It's all about the planning ;)

Right, I'll leave it there for now, Danielle Hodson will kill me if I waffle on anymore as she wants to see the pics.

Oh and before I go, for information of Esther's services, including classes and personal training, here is her website

Until next week peeps

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