Sunday, 23 February 2014

Week seven

"If you don't have what you want, work harder"

I better get this out there before I get going. I had another social event last night (Friday) that involved proseco and maybe pizza and a couple of other bad things that we don't need to dwell on too much. I just wanted to get it out there before I started. However, that is the last social event I have until I finish this challenge, I think. Oh actually, I may have one more but very close to the end but these abs better be out by then and I think after what is planned for the next week or so they will. More on that in a minute.

Back to this week. Well, it has been pretty positive despite the things that I've had to deal with. Firstly, we have the fall out from the weekend before. Monday after a heavy night out.... the last thing you want to do it exercise, right!? I reallllllllly didn't want to. I didn't make it to boxing again so decided I would do an Insanity session I hadn't yet done. I also thought, come on Kirsty, you need to kick ass even though this is the last thing in the world you want to do right now. So, I did (and more importantly survived!!) Insanity Max Interval Circuit........ Anybody who has done this will know what I'm talking about. It is INSANE (sorry) and I'm not even kidding. Imagine my face when I put it on and the time on the screen was 59 minutes rather than the normal 39(ish) mins, and as for the workout itself, just no!! You can ask Matt about the state of me afterwards (and during), I was nearly crying. I very nearly quit with 10 minutes to go and Matt (thankfully) pushed me and said just do that 10 mins and you've completed it, don't give up so close to the end. I did it! Bleugh.

The other thing this week (and sorry for TMI but I think it's important) mother nature was in the houuuuuse. Again, motivation does not go hand in hand with Mother N. She's a bitch. Lately (and this could be the age thing again which I keep harping on about), I am really feeling the affects of Mother N. The tiredness is evil. I am always a Tigger in the morning and get up easily, but not when she is in control. Bad skin, bloating, the whole kit and caboodle. Meh! I also normally feel bad the week before but this time, as I said in my last blog I didn't. Not sure on the reasons, different ovary maybe (that was my mum's theory, bless little Val).

Here in full are the workouts I've done this week:

Monday - Insanity death circuit (aka Max Interval)
Tuesday - PT with Esther - Shoulders and chest then finished with M100 which we smashed out in 7mins 56 seconds. Beat my 9mins 55 secs from the week before.
Wednesday - Mummy & Baby Bootiecamp  which was all about the Kettlebells this week. It was brilliant! Such a good workout and surrounded by lots of cute babies. I can't recommend this class enough.
After this I went to meet my friend Liz and we decided to go to a tea room (yeah, one of those places full of cakes and loveliness!?) However, to get to said cake den, we had to walk 2 miles (so 4 mile round trip) and when we got there we were actual angels and not a single cake passed our lips. I had hummus and Liz had a greek salad. To say we were feeling virtuous afterwards is an understatement (how we resisted the vanilla slices I'll never know, but we did). 
Thursday - PT with Esther - Legs day. Today in particular I was feeling the tiredness and really didn't want to workout. I got to Esther's with bog eyes and my bottom lip tripping me up. However, after the workout, I  said to Esther that I really enjoyed it and was so glad I did it. Just goes to show, when you think you haven't got it in you, you probably have, and will definitely feel better after.
Friday - Rest day
Saturday - Today. I didn't make Park run after getting in at 1am last night. Made the most of the sunshine and walked to the park with the kids. That was my only workout today. I did have the intention of doing Insanity but poor Adam has his first tooth coming through and was inconsolable for most of the day so I couldn't fit it in. 

I must apologise as the last couple of blogs I haven't included the link for my food diary and my friend Karen alerted it to me today and asked me to add it so it's here 

Before I add the pictures I wanted to talk about my belly fat. I have been talking to Esther this week and we have reviewed my food as I am struggling to get rid of that 'girly' fat around by belly. Here is a close up to show you what I mean. It's the lil bit of muffin at the sides and the layer on top which is just hiding the abs.

Now, I know that I'm not FAT per se, but we want abs, well actually, they are there already, we just want to see them. SOOOOOOO, we have agreed to cut out carbs for a week to see how that goes as we think the sugar from the fruit I am having isn't helping. This isn't going to be fun for me, but exciting for you guys to see what affect that will actually have on my tum. Now, this isn't cutting carbs completely, as that would be insane with the workouts I'm doing, but I can only eat carbs when I've worked out, apart from that they are limited. This will be starting from Monday as I couldn't have done that this week with that aforementioned bitch being in residence. The absolute key to next week will be planning. Food planning is an absolute must because it's going to be so hard. I've told you I'm doing it now though, so I need to suck it up. Just avoid me this week if you see me. 

Here are the pics from this week. 

Next week is measurements again and you know what that means, comparison pictures. A few people have been talking to me about this and asked if I would do Week 1 v Week 8 and Week 4 v Week 8 so I will do that for you. We should also see the difference cutting out the carbs will have. Exciting stuff.

Right, I'm off to have a banana to say goodbye to carbs (I love my daily banana lol). Wish me luck!

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