Sunday, 9 February 2014

Week 5

Don't let one bad day stop you from reaching your goal

This week has been a funny ol week. I think it was a bit of a comedown from the high of week 4 and the absolutely amazing comments about the progress so far (thank you so much for all the feedback and comments) but I also think that I have been battling a bit with muscle fatigue and tiredness which everybody will know, doesn't help with staying on track.

So what have I been up to and what has happened. I think I wrote the blog last week on Friday night. I had parkrun the next morning. Now, everybody who knows me will know that I used run, throughout school I was the one who was always winning cross country and 1500m/800m was always my thing. but when I was 16 I had to have surgery on my knees which pretty much ended my running there and then.

I have since tried to train for a half marathon (2009) and during training had a problem with my calf muscles which ended up with a consultant saying I needed surgery, so I stopped running again. As a result, I pretty much hate running now. I don't think it's because of the problems as such, but I just fell out of love with it, so doing it now is a real effort for me, mentally more than anything. So last week I did my second run since having Adam and it was the 5k park run... in the freezing cold....and wind.....bleugh! Mentally it was a struggle getting round and I had to stop/start towards the end.....Now, everybody that knows me, also knows that I am a competitive mare (mainly with myself, not so much others) and I also have an overly competitive dad, where I have to say, nothing is ever good enough and he tries to push me to the extreme, especially where running is concerned. As I'm running, I hear in my head 'pick people off Kirsty', 'stamp up those hills like you hate them', 'sit on your bum(!) when you are coming down hills', 'get through that wall'. 'don't listen to your bloody music' 'JUST WIIIIIIN'. All pretty good advice (apart from the second to last one, I can't run without music), but advice I've  been listening to since I was 12, constantly. But as a result, I always want to do well for my dad.

Anyway, I did the 5k last week and it was bloody awful and I did it in a shocking time and came in a shocking position... so much so I didn't want to tell my dad. And I know, I know, third run since Adam (actually, since July 2012) and all the other factors, but I think after that my head went down a little. I also think it absolutely tired me out (and made me CRAVE carbs like a crazy woman for the rest of the day).

On Sunday it was Get Ripped at Elite and I was in two minds whether to go or not as every part of me felt fatigued. But I went. Then Monday was the same, everything was aching and I felt really tired and a bit meh and I wasn't sure if I was going to go to Boxing, but I did.
And then of course I get into my hardcore 3 days with personal training with Esther Tues/Thurs and a session at Elite for 6 week challenge on Wednesday. In hindsight and after typing this, I should have listened to my body and had a rest because Thursday was when my food started going downhill and when the real tiredness kicked in. Not so much eating really bad (although I'll say now there was oatmeal & raisin cookies involved, and not just one) but not eating right or regularly, so getting hungry, but being tired, so just wanting to have something for that (mainly sugar) high.

Anyway, enough of that week, it's over now. Where am I today, well firstly, I was in bed last night (Friday) at 8.30pm to try and get some energy and I did Park Run this morning, and I knocked nearly two mins off my time and didn't stop, whoop! Still not where I want to be but I have to say, I was buzzing after the run this morning as I really put everything into it. I'm also feeling back on track and planning my food. I think it's safe to say my blip is over.

Workouts this week:
Monday - Boxing Bootcamp
Tuesday - Upper Body workout. I didn't have a car so Esther sent me over my upper body workout and I did it at home. Check out my otterman bench in my bedroom (below). I have to say, I could really tell the difference without Esther. It's only when I workout without her that I see how hard she really does push me.

Wednesday - Chest & Shoulders at Elite
Thursday - Leg Day with Esther. By eck, this was a toughie! We were doing some jump ups on Esthers steps outside and they were a little bit wet so when I went to jump I totally got the fear and jumped, without my legs lifting off the floor! Very bizarre. I then passed that fear onto Esther so I got a impromtu ab workout from laughing so much. The rest of the workout included squats, single leg deadlifts, step ups, body weight wall squats (VILE).
Saturday - Parkrun

Onto pictures, I'm having a few issues with my tum this week where it's quite swelled (no, I'm not pregnant). I don't know if it's the time in my cycle, or if it's the oatmeal & raisin cookie(s) but it's noticeable. However, my shoulders and arms are really changing now, although you can't see that much on these pictures.

My main focus for the next couple of weeks is really getting my body fat down so I can start to see those abs. This is going to involve eating a lot of protein, brown rice and veg and not much else. Oh, but there may be one teeny weeny pre planned blip (if I say it's pre planned does that make it ok?)... I'm off out next Saturday, for the first time in aggggggges, which will involve alcohol... but it will also involve dancing, so that's a workout yeah?

Oh and before I go, I know I said thank you earlier, but this blog has had over 2,500 views and has been viewed in so many different countries, it's unreal. I never ever expected 100 people, never mind over 2k, so again,  thank you for both reading and keeping me motivated.

Big hugs (really tightly, because I'm all strong now innit)

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