Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Week 6 - Halfway There

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

I'm at the halfway point already. To say it is flying by is an understatement, but with the return to work being at the end of this challenge too it's no wonder. 

This week has been so much better than last week, despite the weekend misbehaving (more on that later) and also a number of things trying to test me, like Isabelle being poorly for a couple of days and getting a puncture in Stockport in the middle of the storm... it'll take more than all that to stop me. 

I was also expecting that I would feel rubbish this week as this week in my lady cycle last month (week two) was the week that I was feeling rubbish and demotivated and fat (well, bloated rather than fat).  I thought it would be the same this month but it hasn't been so far.

So lets start with what I've been up to fitness-wise

Monday - Izzy wasn't well so I didn't make it to Boxing so did Insanity Pure Cardio
Tuesday - Despite being up with Izzy in the night, she felt well enough to come to Esther's with me to watch us workout. She joined in every now and then but spent a lot of time laughing at Esther and I grunting and trying not to swear as we did:- Alternate arm chest press on the ball, bent over rows, side crawls, cross upper cuts with weights, diagonal row shoulder press, then abs using the 30 day ab challenge (day 11).
Wednesday - TRIPLE workout day. Baby Bootiecamp with Esther at 10am in Stockport, then a crazy leg workout with Ricky Murphy at Elite Fitness Academy  at 1pm which consisted of squats, 8 x 8 reps of single leg squats, walking lunges, leg extensions and leg press. Just wrong! 
BUT THEN I think the tiredness from the night before made me crazy and I decided to do M100 at home. Anybody fancy doing this quick fat burning workout?? If so, 10 x burpees, 10 x mountain climbers, 10 x jump squats ALL X 10 =100 I did it in 09min 55secs. Go on, give it a go and see how you get on.
Thursday - Interval Training at Abney Hall in Cheadle with Esther. This was no mean feat after the day before. It involved 8 x 8 reps of 3 intervals. Jumping up the stairs at Abney call was interval 1. Interval 2 was sprinting up some hill steps and interval 3 was sprinting up a motorway bridge steps... vile. Have to say, I was VERY happy when it was over.
Friday  - Valentines Day. I just did Ab Challenge Day 14 before my romantic meal.
Saturday - Ab Challenge Day 15.... then, does dancing from 11pm - 5am count as a cardio workout? I think so.
Sunday - Rest Day/Hangover Day....basically a day of dying.

Food-wise I have been doing really well still, apart from the weekend. To be fair, I didn't eat that bad on Valentines day as I was good in the day. The meal we had was T Bone Steak, Veg and Parmentier potatoes... it just went worse for dessert which was my mums homemade Victoria sponge and a few (ahem) Thorntons chocs oh and half a bottle of Proseco which I was drunk after (first time alcohol has passed my lips since I started the challenge).

Saturday wasn't great food-wise, but mainly because I was so busy I didn't have time to eat. Swimming lessons, hair appointments and make over appointments all meant when I checked in to the hotel I was starving so I shared a pizza with my fabulous friend Zoe. As for what I drank that evening... in the hotel...couple of bottles of proseco... in the club my poison was vodka, lime and lemonade (cannot confirm number) and a couple of shots of sambuca.... 

Hangover food wasn't too bad on Sunday, I'm one of those that doesn't eat when I'm rough. Piece of toast and a Sunday dinner at my mums, which to be fair, I struggled to get down and mainly eat the meat and a bit of the veg. So although not great overall this weekend, not too damaging (I hope).

So pictures... these were taken on Thursday (I take them on the same day every week) so it will be interesting to see this Thursdays pictures and see if the weekend had any impact.

I think the abs are coming along nicely. Unfortunately, I can't continue the 30 day ab challenge as I can't do crunches or sit ups anymore on doctors advice. I can plank so I am going to start the 30 day plank challenge instead. 

I really need to step things up a bit now for the final half of this challenge. I think when you don't have lots of weight to lose it's so much harder to change your body. I have also noticed that despite the early changes, age isn't really on my side anymore and now I'm on the wrong side of 30, you really do have to do so much more.

One of my friends who lives local to me (who shall remain nameless) has now started PT sessions with Esther after reading this blog. She has an event she wants to get fit for so is doing two sessions a week. If anybody wants more information about personal training with Esther please go to her website or contact her on 077 0356 9645.

The next blog I will be doing is going to be about body image and is one that I have been thinking about doing for a while. Make sure you tune in as I think a lot of people will have thoughts and comments which I would love to hear about. It's a subject I get on my soap box about, especially now I have a daughter so should be an interesting read.

Until next time.... GO PLANK..

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