Friday, 31 January 2014

Week Four

If you are going through hell, keep going...

Just to set the tone of this post.... Tigger is in the houuuuuuuse. 

Week four is here, the week when the first set of measurements happen and when I compare week 1 to week 4. Now, I'll not lie, I was dreading the weigh in session, and I'll not lie again, I was gutted when I jumped on the scales..... But I'll not tell you why yet... first of all I'll let you look at the comparison pictures.... (and can I just say, I've not got a tan since week 1, the photo is taken in a different room so the light is different so makes me look like I've been to Ibiza for two weeks *I wish*).

Bit of a difference isn't there!? I was SO surprised when I did these pictures as I didn't really feel like I'd changed that  much. When people have seen me and said they can really see the difference, I've been like REALLY!?.Well these pictures made me see and I can't recommend doing progress pictures enough.

So down to the scales thing again..... guess how much I have lost since week 1......3lb..... THAT IS IT! Oh ok, maybe not, I'll be exact...3.3lb. Do you see now why scales are rubbish and should be thrown out? I was gutted... until I saw the pics and measurements. They tell a completely different (and better) story than the scales.

Here are the measurements:

Arms - lost 1cm on my right and 1.5cm on my left
Mid Thigh - PUT ON 1cm on left and my right has stayed the same (and I think my legs look like they have changed the most!?).
Calf - left stayed the same, right lost 0.5cm
Chest....... (typically) lost 6.5cm (it always goes off the ol boobies first doesn't it..)
Waist - a whopping 8cm lost
Hips - 0.5cm lost

And on top of all that for you statty's out there I have lost 1.05% body fat. Not bad for 4 weeks, well actually, it wasn't exactly 4 weeks as I got measured on the Tuesday so just under 4 weeks.

This is what the last week looks like in workouts:
Sunday - Insanity Pure Cardio
Monday - Boxing Bootcamp
Tuesday - PT with Esther - Shoulders, Back & Chest (Lots of fly's, chest, shoulder, back rows)
Wednesday - Elite Academy, monster back session (lots of dropsets (going VERY heavy) working every part of my back)
Thursday - PT with Esther - Legs (squats, single leg deadlifts, hamstring rolls (using stability ball), calf raises) then biceps and triceps (dropsets)
Friday - rest day woohooo

I have found this week ok with my workouts and have really enjoyed them, but on Thursday I was dead and I went to bed at 8pm. I was soooo tired. The rest day was definitely timed right. Back on it tomorrow morning when I will be doing the 5k park run (anybody local fancy it?).

Food has been good this week and no mini egg melt down, although today I had a bit of a fail. I made the kids porridge then went out with them, came back home about 11.30am and was STARVING. Couldn't understand why... then I realised, I had made the kids porridge and didn't make any for me, but because I'd made theirs, it felt like I'd made mine (does that make sense), it was only when I counted the breakfast bowls I realised I hadn't had anything. So at 11.30 I was craving anything, mainly carbs. So I thought, I know, I'll make a protein pancake....I somehow managed to completely f*ck that up and had to bin it (by this time I am uber STARVING and mega peed off and it was now time to make the kids lunch, argh), so I just had a protein shake to stop me keeling over. This then set the tone for the rest of the day and I didn't manage to eat anything sensible (few seeds & nuts here and there and a piece of wholemeal toast) until my tea when I had a epic half pound burger without the bun, sweet potato, avocado, cherry tomatoes & onion (what a crazy mix!?). Fridays (and Mondays) with both kids is just crazy with different classes, feeding them both (what feels like constantly), cleaning up after them both (constant again) so lil ol me gets neglected. But now I've noticed it I'm going to make sure next week I have planned it better.

Right, best leave you all to it. I need to go and sort a playlist for my run tomorrow. I make no secret that I hate running so the only way I can get through it is by having tunes blasting in my ears (preferably with a fast beat to make my legs move and drown out the sounds of my brain saying 'JUST STOP RUNNING KIRSTY, JUST STOP). 

Please feel free to share and retweet this blog and lets get the ban the scales message out there!

Until next week.....  xxx

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