Thursday, 2 January 2014

Weigh to go!

The secret to getting ahead, is getting started

Today was my first meeting with Esther to go through my stats, goals and plan. Oh yes, and to take my before pics *cringe*

Goals first of all. Personal goal setting is an important part of any weight loss/fitness regime. In fact, it is just as important as keeping track of your nutrition and the exercises you do. When setting your personal goals, it's important that you come up with fitness goals that are challenging but achievable. I have come up with three.
  1. To get to my post baby weight and fit comfortably into my post baby clothes. This is a toughie as before I got pregnant I was training for Tough Mudder 2012 and it’s probably fair to say I was in the best shape of my life. So at the moment I am size 12 but can squeeze into my size 10 jeggings, but it ain’t all that comfy. So it’ll be about losing a dress size.           Timescale 12 weeks
  2. To get a six pack. I very nearly got one post Isabelle (see pics below). It has been something that I have always wanted to have. I find it hard to believe after 2 children I can get one, but Esther assures me it is possible. But boy, is that gonna take some doing! But hey, I like a challenge.                                                                                                                       Timescale 12 weeks (hopefully) 

  3. To get fit for Tough Mudder. All that know the event know it’s hard to train for as there are so many different obstacles, but I know my weaknesses (Upper Body strength, hand grip being two) so I need to focus on these. The one obstacle I REALLY want to master is the monkey bars. Oh I also need to do the thing I hate the most, run! Pah!                                    Timescale: 9 months (oh the irony after dropping out last time due to being pregnant).

Now for stats. Esther and I spoke about this today and because one of my aims is about building muscle, it’s important not to focus too much on my weight/inches too much and focus more on my body fat. I don’t really agree with weighing myself (I don’t even own any scales) as I always go off how my clothes fit.

Rather than me trying to explain the whole fat/weight/muscle thing in words, these pictures should help (This isn’t me obviously J):

So the only stat that you need to really know at the moment for me is that my body fat is 20.73% (for my six pack I need it to be 5%(ish) lower).

Now for the dreaded pics. So, when I first did these with Esther today, she saved my blushes by giving me a t shirt to wear rather than showing off my tum. But thinking about this on my way home I thought, getting a six pack is one of my aims, so I guess you’d better see the tum (and the juicy booty as Matt says) rather than me hiding it away or you won’t see the transformation (which is the point of this blog)! Just don’t forget that I’ve housed two children in there, ok! Oh and it’s just been Christmas… J

Here you go! Post-Christmas, post baby belly & juicy booty!


Just as a reminder AGAIN, post two babies (go easy on me).

So my next blog will include the training I am doing and also what I’m shoving in my mouth (and you’ll be surprised to know that it isn’t rabbit food, my new food plan is actually awesome).
Before I go, I just wanted to tell you about a fab deal that Esther has on in January. She is offering 10 personal training sessions (plus free entry to her high intensity training classes (normally £5 per class) on top of that) for £250. You also don’t need to be a member of a gym to train with Esther. For more details email info@transformpersonaltraining or call 077 0356 9645.

Photo: This is my banner advertising the High Intensity Classes and Sunday morning Boot Camp at Hulme Hall Grammar School, Cheadle Hulme starting Weds 8th Jan 7 - 8pm and Sunday 12th 9 -10am

TTFN and thanks for reading.

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