Saturday, 25 January 2014

Week Three

You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them

Here we are, week 3 already! I am happy to report that this week has been a lot more positive and productive. I found out the reason that last week was so grim... not going into too much information, it was mother natures fault, the evil little witchity poo that she is.. (talking of this, a friend, Lou Jeanpierre posted a link to this article which is worth a read for the ladies

So this week, what have I been up to.. well firstly, I have been over using the words 'OH MY GOD' (Esther can vouch for this); in fact, I think I may have used those three words more this week than I have in my life! Here is why...

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - PT with Esther. Back, Shoulders and Chest day
Wednesday - Bootiecamp at 10am (more on this in a min) THEN over to Elite at 1pm for a mega leg workout 60kg squats, deadlifts, front squats, leg extensions, walking lunges with olympic bar, step ups & a few other equally torturous exercises. This is the day 'OMG' started as well as the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).
Thursday - PT with Esther. LEGS....again. To be fair to Esther, when she saw how I was walking (John Wayne), she did offer to change the session to something else, but I said no, lets crack on (mainly because she mentioned cardio and I would rather the leg pain than cardio ha ha). So more squats, single leg deadlifts, hamstring rolls, step ups.. (I can't remember the rest as I think I was rolling round on the floor saying Oh my god for the rest of the session.)
Friday - Rest day - I had no choice, I couldn't walk.
Saturday - Oh that's today! Bootcamp at Elite! I'm still sat in my gym kit now as I write this.

I wanted to talk a little more about Bootiecamp, a class that Esther runs on Wednesday's at 10am at Blush dance HQ at Meadow Mill, Stockport. If you have babies and are off on maternity leave, grab your baby and go to this class. I have to admit, being the little workout beast I am, I was a bit, well, workout snobby if you like, when Esther asked me and Adam to come along. I am obviously used to throwing weights around and didn't think a mum and babies class would be my thing, well, how wrong. It was great. It was challenging, but not in the normal way I'm challenged with a massive barbell on my back or flipping tyres. It's a class that you can go to as soon as you have had the all clear from the doctor at 6 weeks. You can work at your own pace and Esther gives you different options and you can have your baby with you (next to you and used in some of the exercises at one point). You don't need to worry about how you look as it's a room full of other mummies going through the same; and you also don't need to worry about if the baby cries or needs you. You can dip in and out and Esther is a mummy herself and doesn't need an excuse to be cuddling all the cuties there while you workout. Adam quite enjoyed it too, especially 'flirting' with the ladies while they were in plank position... :) For more info about the class contact Esther on 077 0356 9645.

Food this week has been good, apart from Friday evening when I went to meet my friend Lisa for a burrito at Changos in Manchester (you need to go there is you like burritos, A-mazing). I had everything on that bad boy and really enjoyed it. However, when I'd had a look at Facebook that evening, I spotted that Deb Collier had put a picture of some mini eggs on (that her naught hubby Simon had brought home)..... and I had to have some (not of Deb's packet obviously). I don't even like mini eggs THAT much but on the drive home this is what was going through my head.... 
.....go get some, you've had a cheat meal anyway so what will some mini eggs matter..... 
.....Just carry on the M62 for an extra junction and get off so you can go to the petrol station near home and GET MINI EGGS.... 
......No don't, you don't need them, think of the challenge..... 
So I get to the petrol station and would you believe it, NO MINI EGGS! Then the real moment of weakness happened, my brain didn't have time to stop me, I got a bag of malteasers and some haribo and went home, and had them. Pah, shame spiral right there for you. However, although not great, it was a moment that happened and I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Today I have been good as gold again. It was just a cheat...erm, not even day as I was good in the day... cheat couple of hours we shall call it. There, I've admitted it.... Food diary is here 

So here are the pics for this week. Starting to see more muscle definition, especially on my legs.

Regarding motivation, I have entered a few challenges to give me some milestones for the 12 weeks. I entered the 6 week challenge at my gym Elite Fitness Academy and also Body Building Warehouse's 8 week challenge. 12 weeks seems like a long time but having these challenges within that time definitely helps.

I also forgot to tell you about another motivation, as I said in one of the earlier blogs, a goal was to fit into pre pregnancy clothes and drop a dress size... well, as a treat, if I hit this goal, I have decided to go and have a Topshop personal shopper wardrobe makeover, and to help towards this, I have been adding £1 to a pot for every workout to go towards it.

As per I've been waffling on for a while so I will end this here. Next week is weigh and measurements week so I will be letting you know about any changes and I will also include a comparison of the photos from week 1 and week 4 next to each other. 

Thanks for reading

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