Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Week 11

What defines us is how well we rise after falling

Now, we all know I am partial to a shit week, mainly down to my willpower, but never did I think I would have another so soon after the last one, and in the penultimate week AND completely out of my power. Meh, meh, meh!

Where do I start....

Last week I had my toe surgery (Saturday). I don't think I went into too much detail as I'll be honest, it's minging (the procedure I had done was complete toe nail removal of my left big toe *wrongness*) and I hate toes at the best of times so I didn't want to dwell on what was being done. I think because of my denial, I also didn't imagine that it would impact me so much afterwards (but this is me we are talking about).

Now, as I have said in my previous blog about my lady bits, I don't heal well. Yet again, we have more evidence of this. I was talking about this with Esther on Thursday and it's bizarre that I don't heal well. I have a high protein diet (protein helps repair muscles) and I work out, which increases blood flow around your body. Imagine if I didn't!? If I'm honest, it scares me a little for the operation planned for October, so I am going to make sure the consultant is aware of my healing powers (lack of) and love of infection (!) and give me antibiotic cover for the op.

So back to this week as well as the shocking infection in my toe, which started 2 days after the operation, mother nature stuck her oar in too, add to that that it's my last week of maternity leave *sobs* and in true Kirsty fashion I had a diary that was insane. Never one to sit around quietly.... (maybe that is the reason my toe hasn't healed hey!?).

Lets have a look at this week in more details then shall we...

Here is what I had planned...... (deluded about the workouts much!?)

Sunday - Managed to hobble to church for Sunday school, that's about it for the day! I was on rest for 48 hours post op.
Monday - No Boxing
Tuesday - Was due to see Esther but cancelled as I couldn't get my trainers on. I did however hobble to the Trafford Centre to meet my friend Becky and her gorgeous baby Freddie. I couldn't cancel this date as Becky was coming over from Bradford and sore toe or not, we were getting together (its the last week of my mat leave people!!). For a workout, I got my dumbbells out  at home and did some squats (tried walking lunges, turns out your toe is integral to this movement, go figure... :), dead lifts and calf raises. Nothing too taxing, but I was getting frustrated at not being able to workout.
Wednesday - The toe pain was major now so I got an appointment to see the doctor, they could fit me in at 4.30pm (I called at 8.30am!!). In the meantime, cocodamol helped me get to my cake date with Vicky & the lovely Anna banana and to a play date for Adam at little Thomas Humphrey's 1st birthday party.
After the doctor confirmed the infection I started on my antibiotics. Again, frustration of not being able to workout was setting in, so I got my kettle bell out at home and did a mini workout again.

Thursday - I got my trainers on, somehow (I think the pain killers were the main reason), so I ventured to Esther's for our session. We did an epic upper body workout. Chest press, flys, reverse flys, shoulder raises/press, then finished with some biceps/triceps drop sets then some chin ups (because I can do them (still very happy about that) so got to keep them up!). In the afternoon I had my Topshop personal shopping appointment. This is a massive highlight of my week, but more on that in a min.
Friday- No workout as it was my mother in laws birthday so we all headed over to Doncaster for the day to go out for a birthday lunch. The return journey wasn't a highlight of the day. Set off at 330pm after Adam had just projectile vomited all over the in laws house and then sat on the car park aka M62 where accident after accident meant we arrived home at 7pm. See what I mean about it being a shit week and mostly out of my control!?
Saturday - Funnily enough, I didn't make it to Park run (was I being completely deluded thinking a week after the op I'd be able to run?!) Toe is still in a right state and I'm not sure the antibiotics are even working yet!?

As you can see, workouts haven't really worked out for me this week. I'll be honest, nutrition hasn't either. I already pre warned you about my cake date with Vicky, which featured a cherry bun. The other problem has come with the antibiotics. They are those that you have to eat on an empty stomach (2 hours before food, 1 hour after), 4 times a day!? Well, that sent me into a tailspin. I can't do this at all as I have food spread throughout the day, I never have an empty stomach!? As well as that, when I'm in pain, I have no appetite so I haven't eaten a lot of anything and anything I have eaten hasn't been particularly nutritious, which is no good at all. And as if I needed any other issues this week, the antibiotics have messed with my innards and ahem, I haven't, ahem *whispers* been 'big toilet', ahem, for over a week now (I know, right!!). F...M....L

So enough of all the shit (scuse the pun), let me tell you about a highlight this week. I went to Topshop for my personal shopping. I was very excited. When I had called and booked the appointment they had taken a brief from me which went along the lines of, new (ish) second time mummy, lost baby weight, wants to lose the mummy uniform (leggings), wants new capsule wardrobe (as all the clothes I've bought in the last 12 months have been child sizes), size 12, happy to try anything.  So when I arrived the lovely Samantha had a selection of clothes ready for me which were fabulous and we had a great couple of hours trying them all on. The best bit for me, is that all of the clothes (even jeans!?) are size 10, not size 12 that I thought I was. And some things are even a size 8!? I cannot tell you how gobsmacked I was. Topshop size 10! Me? And I was bloated from mother nature that day too. I feel that I shouldn't be so gobsmacked but I still am. So despite this week being a nightmare in terms of workouts and food (yeah Kirsty, just everything this blog is meant to be about!!!) it was a success in terms of meeting one of my original targets (Weigh to go), to drop a dress size. I did it, in 11 weeks, not 12!

On to my pics for this week, urgh! They are not good, in fact they feel a bit week one to me. I have my monthly bloaty body suit on (think those inflatable sumo suits), my tum is hard and sticky out because antibiotics just don't agree with me (I normally get gastritis after a course of antibiotics) and the lack of workouts also makes me feel meh. I almost want to ignore this week and have make it 13 week challenge as I feel like I've been cheated out of a week. Anyway, enough chelping, here they are:

Onto this week, the final week and the week that I return to work, eek! As I type this (Saturday) my foot is up on a chair and pillow, not looking or feeling any better than it did this time last week when I was post op, so my plan is that tomorrow I will rest it completely. Then Monday I will try and do something. I am planning to see Esther on Tuesday then Wednesday its back to work day. Esther and I have agreed to do final measurements a week on Tuesday as I can't get to here before because of work and Esther is doing Insanity Instructors course over the weekend.

I can't believe this blog is nearly over! I'm really going to miss doing it!? New challenge??

And sorry it's been a tad doom and gloom this week. Not what I had imagined for my penultimate week post. Best laid plans and all that...

Until next week....

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